About our Brand

About our Brand

Gryc Company has over twenty years of experience in sales. The competence and knowledge gained during this time made us realize how important quality and functionality are for customers. Our experience, product quality and their functionality became a genesis of HAKNER brand.

Today we are a leading partner and supplier of furniture fittings, sanitary fittings and accessories supporting the functionality of furniture. The high quality of products offered under the HAKNER brand ensures comfort and aesthetics, and meets the high expectations of our customers.

What counts in interior design are the details. They always affect the final effect, so to achieve  the highest aesthetics it is worth using only quality and functional elements. All HAKNER products combine timeless classics, the highest quality of workmanship with excellent functionality. They are safe for health and the environment.

The  fittings not only guarantee the functionality of all products, but also give them an aesthetic appearance. Purchasing HAKNER products gives you the opportunity to increase the usability of products. They make everyday activities easier and even more convenient.

HAKNER brand aims to provide products that will positively affect the satisfaction of our customers and create the best conditions for comfortable use of the products. Sanitary fittings are made of high quality materials, stainless steel and aluminum. They are perfect for toilet cubicles, changing rooms, partition walls or exhibition buildings. They are ideal for a wide range of public areas such as schools, kindergartens, sports clubs and other buildings.

Firma Gryc Tomasz Gryc

ul. Matuszewska 14 (City Point)
03-876 Warsaw, Poland
Tax ID: PL1131279049

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